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  • For a limited time, the first three homeowners to list their home with us will get a 7 day resort vacation after closing is complete. Please enter your info below and we will get back to you to schedule an appointment.

  • Are you looking to sell your home? Do you know the difference between working with an agent and doing it by yourself? Selling your home on your own may seem quick and easy, but there are a number of distinct advantages to working with an agents like the South Meets North realty team.

    The South Meets North realty team is well-versed in the strategies and effort needed to sell your home quickly to a reliable, competent buyer. We are a friendly, knowledgeable, and experienced agents that always goes above and beyond for you—without the high commission rates. We have the resources and skills to market your home in the most effective way possible. And we will work to get you on with the next chapter of your life with money in your pocket.

    Selling a house is more than merely hammering a ‘for sale’ sign down on your front lawn and waiting for potential buyers to arrive with bags of cash. To sell your house you need an expert realtor who can navigate this complex transaction. the South Meets North realty team are a licensed and trained realty team who can set a fair price for your property, market it, qualify potential buyers, negotiate on your behalf and close the deal.

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    When you are ready to sell your house and need the guidance of an expert realtor, contact the South Meets North realty team with Exit Realty Excel.

    • 1. Consultation - Selling a home starts with your goals. We can help you establish them and create a plan and help you achieve them.
    • 2. Preparation - Your house is a product; We will take care of issues before they can hamper the process.
    • 3. Photography - First impressions are critical in the sales process. We will ensure that your pictures are flawless by using professional photographers.
    • 4. Marketing - We will use flyers, social media pages, and ad copy, among other tactics, to engage your target audience.
    • 5. Execution - From answering questions about your property to showcasing it, We will do what it takes to sell your house.
    • 6. Negotiation - Negotiating is a huge part of buying or selling a house. We are an expert negotiator and will receive a fair market price for your property.
    • 7. Anticipation - When selling a house, the unexpected can happen. We already expect this and know how to adjust prior closing the deal.

    Selling your home is now easier than ever!
    Call (813) 476-2500/(813) 638-1850 and let the South Meets North Realty Team do it quickly!

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